TITAN provides  manufacturing solutions that deliver lasting results for private industry, public entities, government organizations, military, medical & the food industry......



Precision CNC Engineering forms the foundation of our capability. We run the latest machines  combined with the latest software packages alongside our internal.....



Part of our core business is our Welding and Fabrication division. Running a team of coded welders and time served fabricators we offer unrivalled precision in this sector.....



TITAN operates across a huge spectrum of sectors offering Mechanical, Fabrication, Engineering, Automation & Vehicle component manufacturing. Please contact us for more details....


Welcome to Titan Manufacturing - Specialists in Laser Cutting, Welding, Machining, Milling, Fabrication & surface finishing

TITAN provides manufacturing solutions that deliver lasting results for private industry, public entities, government organizations, military, medical & the food industry. We have evolved from engineering and consulting to manufacturing, along the way developing a business model that incorporates the industry’s best practices and tools required in precision manufacturing. We specialize in cnc precision engineering and sheet metal welding fabrication. We are highly experienced in creating innovative and cost-effective solutions for the most challenging environments. The combination of offering precision cnc machining services, welding & sheet metal fabrication facilities enables us to stay competitive within our industry. Our reputation is based on our quality and this is maintained by our internal inspection procedures and department which is active at all different processes of any component manufacture.

From CNC milling/turning to CNC brake press/fabrication work & Laser cutting we are extremely versatile and offer many services. Products can be machined or fabricated from all types of materials and when required items can be polished, plated or painted prior to delivery. Assembly services are also offered so we can offer the customer the complete package from start to finish. We also offer JIT and KANBAN based manufacturing solutions for our clients with finished products being ready packaged for onwards distribution using either our own transport/delivery system or our customers own.  

Company Information

• 40 employees spread with flexibility over 8 departments

• Office Space of 500 sq/ft

• Despatch area of 400 sq/ft

• Assembly area of 2000 sq/ft

• Machining area of 6000 sq/ft

• Ferrous fabrication area of 3500 sq/ft consists of 5 welding bays & gantry system

• Non ferrous fabrication area of 5000 sq/ft consists of 7 welding bays

• Inspection area of 300sq/ft

• Cleaning / fettling 500 sq/ft

• Logistics, 3 vehicles range from 1 tonne capacity – 7 tonne lorry

• ISO 9001 Certification

• ISO 14001 Certification

• Possessing the latest CAD and Cam software

• Output Capacity can be doubled with the addition of night shift working

• Kanban stores & stock holding

• Production supply chain management

• Electrical fitting

• Finishing / Electro Plating / Powder Coating

• Assembly Services